We offer two trading strategies:

Original and TRelax

They are designed to meet the varying needs
of our customers. On both strategies, trades are executed automatically.

Original Strategy

Original is our over the past years tried and tested strategy that has delivered consistent returns.

As this was the first ever product of Universe Trading, it carries the name Original.

It’s our main and by customers mostly chosen trading strategy!

TRelax Strategy

We are always looking for ways to improve and innovate, which is why we have developed the TRelax strategy.

TRelax is our newer, more active strategy that executes more trades and has a more conservative approach towards risk.

As it is more conservative than the Original strategy, the return, as well as the overall risk, experiences less variation.

Choose the right trading strategy for you

The choice of strategy depends on your risk appetite and investment goals.

Our team is always available to answer you all your questions.

AI and human expertise

Both strategies use cutting-edge AI software to analyse the markets and execute the trades.

We understand that trading involves risks. That’s why we have a team of experienced traders who oversee the trading process and validates trades based on market sentiment and macro-economic factors before execution.

We believe that this hybrid model of AI technology and human expertise is the key to long term success.

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