1. **What is Universe Trading?**
Universe Trading is a premium software provider for crypto and forex trading. Our software trades fully automated 24/5 for the client to deliver maximum performance.

2. **Do I need prior knowledge to use Universe Trading?**
No prior knowledge is required to use Universe Trading. In just 3 simple steps, you can have your own trading portfolio.

3. **How does Universe Trading make money?**
Universe Trading does not charge any entry or monthly fees. Our company is financed only by profit sharing. As a customer, you receive 60% of all profits that our software generates for you. The remaining 40% is the so-called “Profitshare”. This means: that we only grow when our customer grows.

4. **What is MyFxBook?**
MyFxBook is an exceptional tool that allows traders from all over the world to showcase their trading successes in an independent and transparent manner. Every single day/week/month even every single trade is publicly and transparently viewable.

5. **What are the advantages of using Universe Trading?**
Universe Trading offers proven success with more than two years of externally verified trading results, best live chat support, and no prior knowledge required to start your trading journey.

6. **How can I improve my earnings with Universe Trading?**
Universe Trading offers a simple four-step process to improve your earnings. You can receive detailed performances graphs on every MAMs performance since inception, offset your risk by splitting your funds between multiple accounts, and set up your own risk appetite, through predefined stop out levels.

7. **How can I create an account with Universe Trading?**
Creating an account with Universe Trading has never been easier. Let our trading software work for you.

8. **Who operates Universe Trading?**
Universe Trading is operated by Universe Trading LLC which is the primary service provider and website operator. We are contracting with A-Book Broker LLP, which is providing all services relating to trading / MT5 access / to carry out trading services that we offer.

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